Interior Designing at GSPS

Interior Designers create environments, identifying the key issue related to the function and quality of proximate surroundings. At GSPS, the interior department has tutors and also thorough academicians, who are active practitioners, ensuring that the students continue to be taught practically and effectively. Studio practice provides the opportunity for continuing artistic development over the years of study with a blend of Project work, Tutorials, Assignments, Historical and Contemporary theoretical studies. Lectures, Seminars and written assignment are integrated to help students achieve the level of excellence required to represent the industry. There are a varied number of courses in terms of content, duration, intensity and certification for a student to choose from.

After completion of the course, students are able to:

  • Understand the client’s requirements and prepare a design proposal
  • Design and create with accent layout plans, sectional elevations, perspectives, coloring and rendering, free hand sketches and working details
  • Apply the knowledge of construction methods, techniques and finishing treatment in executing interior design work
  • Apply the knowledge in availability, characteristics, usage and costs of all materials for execution of interior projects
  • Apply the basic elements of services such as water supply, plumbing, weather control, electrification, telephones, garbage disposal and lifts from interior design viewpoint
  • Design furniture and supervise fabrication
  • Develop a sense of observation and appreciation for fine arts, architecture and applied art
  • Select furnishings, floor coverings, light fittings and other accessories, based on quality and cost consideration
  • Prepare estimates based on quantities and cost of material
  • Knowledge of building bye-laws, management, salesmanship, accounting and public relations to successfully practice